WEC Russia

The fuel and energy industry associations the Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC Russia)

is an independent non-profit organization with the goal to unite and unite on its platform leaders of the Russian energy sector, experts from governmental bodies, scientific institutions, non-governmental organizations in the field of reliable energy saving, ensure dialogue of the wide range of players of the energy sector, represent the interests of Russian energy companies at the national and international levels, promote the expansion of their competencies and involvement in global energy integration.

WEC Russia positioning within WEC framework

WEC Russia is a national committee representing Russia, the Russian energy state and private sector, education and science.

As a WEC member WEC Russia uses unique opportunities of the global network for the positioning and promotion of interests of its members, development of relations in the world energy space and encouragement of international dialogue, joint interaction within the framework of declared worldwide energy strategies, as well as lobbying in the sector’s interests.

WEC Russia as a WEC national committee is called upon to become a reliable partner and adviser, as well as an active participant in and one of the “opinion leaders” in the WEC worldwide operation, in the work on energy scenarios, in popularizing the activity of WEC itself and its national committees, in the development of projects and strategies of the improvement of the energy trilemma, etc.

WEC Russia pursues a stable and predictable energy policy aimed at supporting safe, accessible and ecological energy with the aim of minimizing the risks and attraction of investments for the implementation of sustainable energy projects.

Top priority of WEC Russia as a national committee – member of the international organization

is to become a single authorized venue (one stop) for interaction of energy companies and representatives of the Russian energy sector with the WEC headquarters, its structures, associations and other international organizations, both on the basis of daily communication and within the framework of international and local events.

WEC Russia Mission

Consolidation of high-level executives

Consolidation of the high-level executives persistently working on the formation of the system, ensuring stable supply of energy, its saving and the wide use of energy-saving technological innovations for the wellbeing of mankind

Coverage of global, state, regional strategies

Coverage of the global, state, regional strategies by means of holding events on the world level, research activities with publishing their results

Providing assistance in the development of the fuel and energy sector

Providing assistance to the government authorities of states, non-governmental organizations, private companies in the development of the fuel and energy sector that includes all kinds of energy resources: fossil fuels, alternative sources of renewable energy

Bringing together professionals

Bringing together professionals involved in the energy generation and supply who have no political and commercial interests

Conducting a dialogue

Conducting a dialogue with the aim of forming a balanced energy strategy

Consideration of topical problems

Consideration of topical problems and strategic growth priorities of the fuel energy sector

Encouragement of research work

Encouragement of research work on the energy sector reforms, expansion of the energy market, attraction of investments, financial management, establishment of energy corporations corresponding to the features of the fuel and energy sector functioning in regions; comparison of scientific information for sustainable development of the energy sector, studying various energy supply methods and prospects for the application of energy.

Promotion of research efforts

Promotion of research efforts, mutual exchange of information and research and development results in various spheres that affect decision making at stages of forming the strategic energy policy and industry development

Internal Documents

Organization Charter

WEC Russia Charter, PDF, 386 kB

Regulation on Membership

WEC Russia Regulation on Membership, PDF, 301 kB

WEC Russia Studies Committee

Dmitry Belyaev


Director of Department for Strategic Deals and International Cooperation

Sergey Vakulenko

Gazprom Neft

Head of Department for Strategy and Innovation

Eduard Volkov

Russian Academy of Science


Denis Demin

Gazprom Neft

Head of Department for Strategic Analysis

Nikita Dobroslavsky

Skolkovo Energy Center

Head of GR Unit

Andrey Kashirsky


Head of Analysis Unit

Vladimir Kindra

Moscow Power Engineering Institute

Leading Specialist

Anton Legchilin

Energogarant Insurance Company

Deputy Director General, Senior Underwriter

Andrey Logatkin


Director of Department for International Cooperation

Kirill Lunin

Krzhizhanovsky Institute ENIN

Director General

Kirill Nesterenko

Inter Rao

Head of Department for Methodology of Trading and GR

Valery Pavlov

Power Machines

Deputy Director General

Liliana Proskuryakova

Higher School of Economics

Deputy Head of Laboratory for Science and Technology

Valery Rachkov


Head of R&D

Zlata Sergeeva


Department of Business Strategy, Leading Specialist

Victor Khmarin


Deputy Director General, Member of the Board

Yury Chernychev

Gazprom Neft

Advisor to Deputy Director General

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